Toyota Genuine Parts

Your Toyota is a precision machine, designed to last. To maintain this advantage, it is important to have your maintenance and repair work performed by specialists, like those at Alix Toyota.

Our technicians are very familiar with the particularities of each model, and the after-sale service only uses Toyota's genuine parts. That is the best way to maintain the outstanding performance of your Toyota.

Durability and reliability will thus always be a priority, just as resale value. Remember to keep an eye on our promotions on certain popular parts. You could find some great deals.

Toyota Accessories

Toyota accessories offered by Alix Toyota were designed and manufactured to fit perfectly with your Toyota, with very high durability standards. They even benefit of the original warranty if they are installed in Alix Toyota's shops.

Toyota Body Parts

If the passage of time or your neighbour's bumper has left some marks on your car, Toyota's body parts offer perfect adjustments and finishes. Our body shop knows how to give back its polish to any Toyota, regardless of its age. And if your car only needs a periodic pamper, the Toyota Touch service is there for you.

Toyota's Towing Service

In the event of a mechanical breakdown or accident, Alix Toyota provides a professional towing service. This service is offered throughout the duration of the warranty.

A Privileged Location in Montréal

To simplify your visits at Alix Toyota, you can count on a limousine service towards a metro station. Or, if you wish to take advantage of the typical urban life and enjoy one of the many cafés and bistros located nearby. No need to exile yourself in an obscure industrial park where no one can find a good coffee. Alix Toyota is just around the corner.

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