Toyota Mobility Program

Toyota’s Mobility Program offers a discount up to $1,000 for physically challenged customers purchasing or renting a new Toyota vehicle. This is in order to help cover installation costs of adaptive driving aids or mobility assistance equipment. This discount adds up to any other Toyota incentive.

How can your receive this discount?

  • The applicant must submit a written document attesting of his/her physical disability. It can be a physician’s note or certificate issued by a governmental entity.
  • A proof of vehicle modifications must be submitted to Toyota within four months of the purchase. This proof can be a fee receipt or an order form from the company who performed the installation.

Equipment covered:

  • Adaptive driving or passenger equipment
  • Wheelchairs or other lift equipment
  • Standard driving gear or other
  • Lifts or cart storage

Alix Toyota‘s advisors are familiar with the specific characteristics of this program. They will be able to guide you in the process of obtaining the discount.

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