CAA Approved Auto Repair Services

Our service center is part of the CAA-Quebec Approved Auto Repair Services (AARS) network.

Toyota Maintenance

Even though Toyotas are among the most reliable cars, they still need regular maintenance, precisely to keep this reliability and ensure longevity that lives up to its reputation.

Oil Change

Beyond the obvious, the oil change enables the technicians from Alix Toyota to keep an eye on all mechanics and accessories. By regularly monitoring the condition of wearing parts, it is possible to prevent breakdowns and spread replacement costs of these parts, therefore avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Tire Changes

Twice a year, Montréalers have to change their tires. Alix Toyota is there to do so. In addition, we offer a storage service for unused wheels, so you can free some space at home.

The Toyota Touch

The Toyota Touch brings back the shine to your vehicle. The various services include inside and out cleaning, paint restoration and engine compartment washing. Our body shop is also there to achieve the biggest challenges related to paint finish.

Service Quality

Our technicians are directly trained by the manufacturer and benefit from ongoing training. They can thus maintain their knowledge up to date on the latest technological innovations from Toyota. All are Toyota specialists, and some even have over 25 years of experience at Alix Toyota. They know Toyotas by heart, and know just what to monitor in order to get the performance you would expect.

Our reputation for excellent service is based on our honesty and transparency. No unnecessary repairs and no overcharges, we promise.

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