Toyota Genuine Parts

A whole can only be the sum of its parts. This obvious statement applies very well to automobiles. The reliability and good performance of your Toyota is the result of millions of components functioning together. Hence, when the time comes to replace one of them, the best choice is Toyota's genuine parts.

These Toyota spare parts are exactly like those mounted in the factory. Their performance is identical and so is their longevity. They were designed, tested and manufactured for a specific function on a given model.

No compromise on their function, performance or appearance. You will therefore get the same performance and durability from Toyota's spare parts. Toyota's genuine accessories are also designed and manufactured with the same requirements.

Genuine Toyota Refurbished Parts

In some cases, there is no need to rebuilt new parts since only a few pieces of the whole are worn out. For example, the alternator. Often, only the bearings, brushes or switch have wear. The casing, winding and plate are still perfectly good for another rollercoaster ride. Alix Toyota will then suggest a refurbished alternator, whose performance is identical and guaranteed, but at a lower cost. It is the best of both worlds.

Alix Toyota's service personnel will help you in your choice of spare parts. And remember to come by and see our promotions.

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