Alix Toyota is proud to welcome you to our website!

Located right in the city, Alix Toyota is different from the other mega-dealerships. When customers walk through our doors, they are recognized and do not feel like numbers. They always come back for service and maintenance of their cars, or to order their next 2021 Toyota.

Alix Toyota is also a pre-owned car fleet, including almost new floor models and certified pre-owned Toyota cars. At Alix Toyota, you can also find promotions and programs from Toyota, allowing you to make great deals. These promotions are applicable on practically every car, new or pre-owned.

And at Alix Toyota, in addition to finding the ideal car, you can even find employment.

In 1968, Toyota was offering Canadians 5 models. The sedans, Corolla, Corona, Cressida and Crown, and the 4×4 Land Cruiser were the only models offered in our region. Yet, it was on that year that Fernand Alix became a dealer for the brand. He had to call upon a great deal of confidence to offer compact Japanese cars while American manufacturers had a dominant position on the market with their huge cars.

Alix Toyota, one of only two Toyota dealers in Montréal, is proud to offer you the full line of 2017 Toyotas, with around 20 models. Looking forward to see you in our showroom.

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Info COVID-19

Parce que la santé de notre personnel et de nos clients est au cœur de nos priorités, nous vous avisons que nous suivons les directives émises par le premier ministre François Legault, soit de fermer notre établissement jusqu’au 11 janvier 2021. Nous offrons toutefois un service d’urgence à tous nos clients œuvrant dans les services … Continued