The dealer is now located at its new address 8445 Avenue Papineau.

The history of Alix Toyota

When you open the door of its Alix Toyota showroom on rue De Lorimier in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, you are faced with more than 50 years of automotive history in a small area.

The oldest in the neighborhood will nostalgically remember Fernand Alix, the founder, extolling the merits of the American Studebaker and the English Sunbeam in his Shell garage. That was in the mid-1950s.


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At the end of 1967, the year of the Expo, the small Shell garage became a Toyota dealership. The dealership is tiny since you can only fit two cars... The others are outside in the parking lot. And in this parking lot, you can see the ancestor of the Camry, the Corona, and the first Land Cruiser, a rustic but very solid 4X4. Alix Toyota also offers the Crown, which is the grandmother of the current Avalon.

And of course, the Corolla, a small car which will experience 45 years of success in Canada and which will make the brand happy. In the current showroom, to underline this long tradition, we find artefacts from these 50 years. A wall of photos, trophies, a glass cabinet. And the current range of Toyota cars and trucks, the best ambassadors of Toyota's long tradition.

And if this showroom is much more modest than that of certain competitors, it is because Alix Toyota decided a long time ago to remain on a human scale. This allows proximity, loyalty and friendliness that can not afford mega-concessions.

However, we should not believe that this reasonable size is a brake on innovation. Alix Toyota was one of the first dealers in Quebec to computerize its operations in the early 1980s. Even today, Alix Toyota's involvement in the development of cutting-edge software for the Corporation des Concessionnaires du Grand Montréal continues. this trend.

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Did you know?

Do most of the names of early Toyota models all mean "crown" in different languages? If English (crown) is obvious, as is Spanish (corona), you should also know that "corolla" means small crown in Latin. And that Camry is the phonetic translation of "kanmuri", which also means crown, but in Japanese.

With over 200 cars in inventory, Alix Toyota is big enough to provide the same benefits as other dealerships but small enough that our staff recognize every customer and call them by name. In a comparative match between a dealership where you can almost test vehicles in the showroom and his own, Alix Toyota wins in terms of service, consulting approach and after-sales sequence.

In a market that is never immune to turnarounds, Alix Toyota is carving its own way because it does not have to do anything other than draw inspiration from its roots and its automotive culture to fill the gap. its customers. And since word of mouth is very effective, management only adjusts its pace with each generation. From this perspective, Alix Toyota is a small dealership that behaves well and still maintains close relationships with its customers, while the competition has a marked tendency to standardize its services. They just can't seem to give that assurance that you get at Alix Toyota.

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